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Isaac Newton: "I looked a very little while upon ye sun in a looking-glass with my right eye and then turned my eyes into a dark corner of my chamber and winked to observe the impression made and the circles of colours which encompassed it and how they decayed by degrees and at last vanished. This I repeated a second and a third time. At the third time when the phantasm of light and colours about it were almost vanished, intending my phansy upon them to see their last appearance I found to my amazement that they began to return and by little and little to become as lively and vivid as when I had newly looked upon the sun. But when I ceased to intend my phansy upon them they vanished again. After this I found that as often as I went into the dark and intended my mind upon them as when a man looks earnestly to see any thing which is difficult to be seen, I could make the phantasm return without looking any more upon the sun. And the oftener I made it return, the more easily I could make it return again. And at length by repeating this without looking any more upon the sun I made such an impression on my eye that if I looked upon the clouds or a book or any bright object I saw upon it a round bright spot of light like the sun. And, which is still stranger, though I looked upon the sun with my right eye only and not with my left, yet my phansy began to make the impression upon my left eye as well as upon my right. For if I shut my right eye and looked upon a book or the clouds with my left eye I could see the spectrum of the sun almost as plain as with my right eye, if I did but intend my phansy a little while upon it. For at first if I shut my right eye and looked with my left, the spectrum of the Sun did not appear till I intended my phansy upon it; but by repeating this, appeared every time more easily. And now in a few hours time I had brought my eyes to such a pass that I could look upon no bright object with either eye but I saw the sun before me, so that I durst neither write nor read but to recover the use of my eyes shut myself up in my chamber made dark for three days together and used all means to divert my imagination from the Sun. For if I thought upon him I presently saw his picture though I was in the dark." [The Correspondence of Isaac Newton, vol. III (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1961) pp. 153-154] 

Giri Bala: "Your nourishment derives from the finer energies of the air and sunlight, and from the cosmic power which recharges your body through the medulla oblongata." When Paramahamsa Yogananda asked her: "what is the use of your having been singled out to live without eating?", she answered: "To prove that man is Spirit." Her face lit with wisdom. "To
demonstrate that by divine advancement he can gradually learn to live by the Eternal Light and not by food." (Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi, CHAPTER 46 The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats)

James Leith Macbeth Bain, 1914, London: "I WRITE this brief treatise for the coming of our race. This race, the first-fruits of our growth, whose rising is even now amid us, will be of a more highly electric nature than we. They will therefore be able to draw more nutriment from the sun than we. They will be children more of the sun than of the earth. With most of us it is still the other way about. As children of the sun they will possess many fine spiritual and psychic powers that are as yet either possessed, or in embryo, only by the few, or are still unknown to us. They will be at home in the air as on the land, and in the fullness of time they will possess the self-generated power of flight. They will speak to, and commune freely with the other children of the sun in our cosmos by telepathy. Surely this is the dawn of the Great Day of the coming of the Son of Man in new powers, manifesting and borne along the open sky of life in these children of the Sun, the clouds of the new heaven and the new earth wherein dwells the righteousness we yet pant after."

Sunyogi Umasankar: "It all started in 1995. While I was at the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, I spent every morning meditating on a rock looking at the sunís reflection in the sea water. It gave me pleasure. Slowly I started looking directly at the rising sun and later I began to concentrate more as it rose higher in the sky. It was nevertheless easy. The harsh brightness disappeared gradually after continued meditation and now the sun appears to me as a clear hazy ring with soft blue sky inside." After this experience, adds the Sunyogi, he found even a single chapati hard to digest. His body rejected food, yet he felt fully nourished and energised. "My discovery made me believe that looking directly at the sun is a way of charging oneís body cells with kinetic energy."Umasankar first skipped his breakfast then lunch and later his dinner as well. 
"From 17th August 1996 to 7th December 1996, I stopped having food altogether, but after continued requests by a relative, I resumed my normal intake." 

Barbara Moore, M.D. of London: "There is much more in sunlight and air than can be seen by the naked eye or with scientific instruments. The secret is to find the way to absorb that extra - that cosmic radiation - and turn it into food"
"Winter or Summer, even in Switzerland, I wear only a short sleeved jumper and skirt. In cold weather people stare at me. While they shiver in furs, I am warm. Iím as strong as a man and need only 3 hours sleep for mental relaxation. As my body is free of toxins, Iím never ill. I had to advance slowly from vegetarianism to uncooked fruit and then to liquid. Now Iím working towards Cosmic Food.
"Iíve passed the eating stage and could not eat if I desired as my alimentary canal has changed considerably. It is no longer a filthy tube and is unable to handle any fibre. Instead of thinking my life will end in ten years, Iím growing younger. Anyone can do the same if they try. The tragedy is that eating is one of the great pleasures of life. To stop eating is to experience discomfort only when the body is adjusting itself to the new course which was the original course. I now find even the odor of food nauseating.". (London Sunday Chronicle, 17 June 1951)

Jasmuheen: "When I have been doing bioenergetics and opening up all the lightbody grid lines, sitting in the sun, breathing deeply and visualizing the energy of Lord Helios fill these grid lines with an amazing blast of RA power, it is exhilarating. Itís like a cosmic petrol pump to recharge my batteries!"

Jacob Boehme was a twenty-five years old shoemaker when he happened to glance at the reflection of sunlight in a pewter vessel. "Abraham von Franckenberg gave an account that has become legendary. Surprised by a gleam, presumably of sunlight, in a tin or pewter vessel, the shoemaker began to imagine that he was seeing into the secret heart of nature, into a concealed divine world. Intent upon clearing his mind of this "phantasy," perhaps so that he could resume his shoemaking labors, the young man went out-of-doors. Since the city was small, he could easily pass through a nearby gate and into the green countryside. There, according to Franckenberg, the rapt cobbler continued to see all the more powerfully into the secret "center of nature." Forms, lines, and colors now bore some new meaning for him. In his own account, the strongest emotional effect associated with the experience was his sense of having been embraced by divine love: as if life had been resurrected from death, he recalled twelve years afterward." (Weeks, Andrew, "Boehme" (Albany:State University of New York Press,1991), pp 1,2)

Jean-Joseph Surin: "On a number of occasions my soul was invested with these states of glory, and the sunlight seemed to grow incomparably brighter than usual, and yet was so soft and bearable that it seemed to be of another kind than natural sunlight. Once when I was in this state, I went out into the garden of our college at Bordeaux; and so great was this light that I seemed to myself to be walking in paradise." (Huxley, Aldous "The Devils of Loudun" Chatto & Windus, London 1970 page 353)

Wendell E. Wilkinson: "About twenty-five years ago I had an experience with the Sun of God. For about a week I got up every morning to watch the Sun come up. On that last day I felt a liquid electricity from the Sun enter the top of my head. It was in earth-time about 30 seconds of ecstasy. I have not had that particular experience again, but I feel some of its light has stayed with me." 

Michael H. Brown: "When I first visited the other famous apparition site, Medjugorje, in 1989, I was baffled on returning from the church one early evening (around the time the seers experienced their daily apparition) to see the sun acting in a way that was not remotely similar to anything I had previously seen. As I crossed a vineyard on the west side of St. James Church I looked up to see the sun swathed in huge auras of pink that not only stretched impossibly far from the sun, but also flowed down and encompassed the mountains in a way that went beyond stereoscopic vision. To my endless astonishment the sun pulsed and spun and whirled in hues of blue and purple, hues unlike any form of normal sunset -- green, turquoise, without hurting the eyes, a disc moving to blot out the hot solar center, leaving not a single sunspot even after I stared for five or maybe even ten minutes. The feeling of peace and communication with forces unseen can't be described and left me scurrying toward a man and woman who were walking ahead of me. I wanted to see if they were seeing what I was seeing. It was Don Shula, the devout football couch, and his wife. They too were pilgrims, and she was seeing the same thing. I witnessed the "miracle of the sun" or some variant every day the rest of that trip, and during four subsequent trips to Medjugorje. In August of 1990, 
I watched one morning as a ray shot clear down to the vineyards and formed a perfect cross.[...] Many have seen the sun spin and move or turn into a column of light recalling the one that led the Israelites out of Egypt"

Ramon (Ray) Sender: "What I realized was that gazing at the sun stopped the thought process, or at least made entry into a mindless state very easy. In one of the references to sun yoga -- Surya Yoga -- that I found in India, the sun is referred to as the place where the rishis and kings of ancient times returned after death." 
"One thing I have frequently noticed - and once had confirmed on an EKG monitor - is that my heartbeat immediately quickens when I look at the sun. Basically, the heart seems to 'thrill,' for lack of a better word." 

Bertram W. Salzman: "I leaned back and noticed that rays of the sun were starting to come in through the large windows of the assembly hall. As I continued to watch the light, I began to sense a joyful feeling in my chest that I had never felt before. [Ö] All of a sudden, the entire assembly hall turned bright; everything and everybody was glowing in a golden light. My head filled with a tangible, vibrating feeling that I could actually hear. It sounded like a million fireflies were in my brain. My whole body was shaking and glowing. For the first time in my life, I was truly happy and completely peaceful. I looked into the bright light and smiled, and something in that golden light knew how I felt and breathed love back into my heart." (from Bertram W. Salzman's "Being a Buddha on Broadway: Accessing the Power of Your Naturally Peaceful Mind")

"Our conversation took place on the roof of the fifth story of the main building [pueblos at Taos]. At frequent intervals figures of other Indians could be seen on the roofs, wrapped in their woolen blankets, sunk in contemplation of the wandering sun that daily rose into a clear sky....
As I sat with Ochwiay Biano on the roof, the blazing sun rising higher and higher, he said, pointing to the sun, 'Is not he who moves there our father? How can anyone say differently? How can there be another god? Nothing can be without the sun.' His excitement, which was already perceptible, mounted still higher; he struggled for words, and exclaimed at last, "What would a man do alone in the mountains? He cannot even build his fire without him.'
'After all,' he said, 'we are a people who live on the roof of the world; we are the sons of Father Sun, and with our religion we daily help our father to go across the sky. We do this not only for ourselves, but for the whole world. If we were to cease practicing our religion, in ten years the sun would no longer rise. Then it would be night forever.'" (Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams and Reflections)

"On the 9th of March 2003, I had a dream about the Sun. Gazing at its light with hungry eyes, I had an OBE and was suddenly sucked out of my body towards the Sun. I felt a bliss almost unbearable." (

"If I wasn't aware about the agitation and left it go without dealing with it, then the sungazing session was difficult. I would be looking at the time and just hoping that it would get over soon, wondering how I could continue because the sun was so bright. Knowing this now, I watch more closely the whole emotional response going on inside of myself, and realize I can just be aware of it and when needed focus on my breath to calm it down. When I'm engaged in this process of active observation and not getting all caught up in the sideshow, then I can easily maintain a calm relaxed state and just gaze at the sun. More and more I am sinking into just looking at the sun and the time goes by quickly." (

"When I have ingested only water for a day or so, I feel as though I could stare at the sun all day with no discomfort. When my GI tract is full the sun becomes quickly bright and intense, as if the light canít get into me because of too much resistance within my cells. Also a big factor is my emotional state when I sungaze; if I am totally at peace, surrendering myself, the light comes on in without effort. If my mind is going tick tock, or I am stressed or angry about some event, itís as if the sun fights meÖor maybe Iím fighting it. Either way the resistance creates too much light, too much heat, and unless I let peace envelope me I have to stop sungazing because the intensity of the light is too much for my eyes.
Standing barefooted on bare earth is very important. There seems to be something magical that occurs energetically; the physical grounding with the earth not only helps drain negative energies from the body, but also I feel as though it helps harness the power of the sun into the body more effectively. As I began increasing the time while gazing at the sun (anything over 20 minutes), the benefits where substantially more dramatic the less food I had in me. Particularly noticeable was whether or not I had anything to eat or drink within two hours of sungazing (either before or after).
Staying away from sugars and keeping my blood sugar level low had a direct relation to how bright the sun was." (

"Because I have Syndrome Marfan the blood pressure of my eyes should be very high, this was in the past, after SG I have now only 12 (I used to have over 18) according to the measurement that I had recently by my eye-surgery doctor." ( (see UV, PROSTAGLANDINS, GLAUCOMA AND THE IRIS

"The last two summers, I have spent 1-2 weeks above the arctic circle in Sweden and Norway. It is an awesome place. Having spent a solid week and not seeing any darkness has conviced me of the power of the suns ability to provide the body with energy. You don't know if it's day or night and you feel energized almost all of the time. Even when you are trying to sleep with a pillow over your head, your body seems to know on a cellular level that it is still light outside. I highly recommend a trip to the land of midnight sun." (

The following testimonials, listed in chronological order, are extracted from the messages posted on
"Here in Pondicherry, South India, a few times I squinted my eyes in the direction of the early morning sun without looking directly at it until I could see colors and what I call "prana globules" floating." (25.11.2003)
"I always see something in sunlight that I call "squigglies" floating about but I don't talk about them." (25.11.2003)
"Many hundreds of times I've noticed that when I gaze into the sun or even into clouds or fog and I relax and don't try to see any specific object, and I don't try to think or remember anything, then I see hundreds of tiny swirling points of white light.  I first noticed these points in 1979 right after I began sungazing every day[...] David Boadella describes this swirling white light phenomenon on page 161(this number might be wrong) of his book "Wilhelm Reich: the evolution of his work"" (25.11.2003)
"I am sungazing for two months. I am up to 15-20 minutes. Before I started sungazing I used to take 25 mg Viagara. But after sungazing for a month, it has improved 100 percent. I don't have to take any medicine." (01.01.2004)
"After I reached 15 minutes of tratak on the sun (sungazing without blinking) I went through a detailed check-up with an ophthalmologist. Although I've had an occlusion in one of the small veins in my left eye, my current status is perfect. No damage from sungazing at all. This doctor was quite skeptical before I started sungazing but is now asking me for more details because he'd like to give it a try." (13.01.2004)
"After a few weeks of sun gazing I found I could drive at night for a considerable time, without feeling the previous eye strain from the glare of oncoming vehicles. I could also drive into the sunrise or sunset without flinching as before. I 
have discarded my sunglasses completely since last November." (12.02.2004)
"In the entire winter I haven't felt the strong effects I used to have in the summer and spring last year, even when I gaze at noon. The tingling in feet and palms is something I feel too, but only when the sun is bright" (12.02.2004)
"I have a hard and stressful job and was coming home tired all week long. I forgot about the amazing energy boost you get from SG. It's high grade fuel. What a boost. I won't forget again!" (13.02.2004)
"One thing I have frequently noticed - and once had confirmed on an EKG monitor - is that my heartbeat immediately quickens when I look at the sun. Basically, the heart seems to 'thrill,' for lack of a better word." (13.02.2004)
"I experience vibrations in my heart almost every time after sungazing." (14.02.2004)
"Last June I started sungazing. I am 38, a father, and an overworked, overstressed, overweight professional living in 
Southern California. (Sound like anyone you know?) Well, not any more. I just can't emphasize enough the changes 
that have come in my life, physically, mentally and spiritually. The minutiae of personal changes would be far too lengthy to 
list, but at this point I can't imagine being without sun any more than being without water or air.
I completely agree that sungazing should not be approached, or proselytized, but rather people need to be naturally and 
effortlessly drawn to it. Of all the folks around me that marvel in the changes that have been evident in me over the past 9 
months (not the least of which is looking 15 years younger) only with three have I shared the reason for the changes. Only one of them has made attempts at sun gazing." (28.02.2004)
"A friend who has poor vision was not able to correct his vision by sungazing for 10 seconds and covering his eyes till the light went away. He did this repeatedly with no success, and he found sungazing with his poor vision to be unsatisfying until he started using pinhole glasses. Now he gets a sharp view of the sun and it has deeply impacted him spiritually bringing him great bliss." (8.03.2004)
"I myself have been sun-gazing for a while and have reached 15 minutes of steady gazing today. I had my eyes examined by a doctor at the end of November 2003. My eyes were healthy at that time. I was at about 8-10 minutes of gazing when I was examined. I have nothing negative to report. The positive things I have to report or the things that are noticeable for me to identify are the following:
1. The most apparent thing is that I have a sense of calmness that is new to me. I work in a stressful job where I consistently 
have computer trouble calls and I find that I am no longer anxious about answering the phone. I have slowed down in my speech and am relaxed. 
2. I seem to have more patience at home with my family and am less likely to get aggravated. 
3. I seem to be sleeping less at night. 
4. My dreams have taken a less phenomenal quality and are more like I am there doing more mundane tasks. It's possible I am just only remembering more of my dreams. 
5. Headlights at night while driving have a different color glow around them I used to see mostly blue around them. I am 
noticing more and more red in the light corona around the light.
6. I used drink on the weekends. I have had less and less desire to drink and if I do I keep it very moderate. I hardly 
drink alcohol at all
. Christmas was an exception because it was a celebration.
7. I have a renewed interest in my spiritual development." (10.03.2004)
"I've had some emotional roller coaster issues happening within the past month and since I've started sungazing 
again, I feel so centered, already, and I'm only at 45 seconds." (12.03.2004)
"As of late (10 months into a conservative HRM protocol) I have been disinterested in food. I still eat, and have no intention of stopping, I'm just not as interested in food as I used to be. That being said, I have also noticed something unexpected. I am also not as enamored in the 'things' that I used to be. Things being material objects i.e. my musical instruments, car, collectibles. (Don't worry, I'm not giving anything away, I haven't gone daft :) Also topics that I used to be interested in don't hold as much interest to me. I don't mean to convey the message that I'm generally disinterested or depressed, the exact opposite. I'm happier and more engaged than I can remember being." (17.03.2004)
"I have been sungazing for the last four months. I have reached 22 minutes of sungazing, with 10 minutes of barefoot walking. I had a cute pain in my right leg for the last four years due to some cramps or blockage. As soon as I reached 22 minutes of sungazing with 10 minutes of barefoot walking, Sun God bestowed its blessings and some miracle happened with sungazing, four years of pain has gone away." (19.03.2004)
"I have noticed that the whites of my eyes have become a bright arctic white." (24.03.2004)
"I noticed the same thing about the whites of my eyes in 1992-1994 -- by then, I had been sungazing extensively for several years. The whites were bright white, with an electric blue sheen to them which was awesome." (24.03.2004)
"The only times over the past 17 years that I ever experienced adverse reactions to sungazing was when I wore shoes or stood on a wooden deck or floor while gazing, in other words, not barefoot on bare ground" (25.03.2004)
"Before I started sungazing I had trouble sleeping and I'm finding I absolutely have to sleep much earlier and enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night and awaken before sunrise, quite refreshed." (30.03.2004)
"My eyes are bluer, the red viens are quite diminished and the whites are an arctic white." (2.04.2004)
"I do sleep less and sleep better. Usually on weekends I would need one day to 'crash' and I couldn't get out of bed. Those days are over. I usually run on 6 hours and am ready to go in the morning. I haven't had a nap since I started SG and I've only 
slept in once (7 am.)" (2.05.2004)
"A few months ago I went to a trade show in Atlanta and one evening drank WAY WAY WAY WAY too much.  The following morning I had a massive hangover (of course.)  I did sungazing from the 14th floor of a building and it was still successful in eliminating the hangover." (6.05.2004)
"I have fair skin and red hair. I used to get a sunburn with just 45 minutes exposure to the sun. Now, after 9 months of sungazing, I can work in the sun for 6 hours before I start to burn. It is an amazing difference to me." (28.05.2004)
A blood cancer patient, Krishan Pal, started practicing sunyoga in May 2001 after the doctor had told him that he only had two months to live. He practiced everyday, initially for half an hour from 7.30 to 8 am, then gradually extended the practice for one hour daily. After a few months he was gazing at the sun at midday for half an hour. One and a half years later the doctors from Chandigarh PGI hospital in Haryana, North India, discovered that the cancer was gone.
In the photograph he is in a state of meditative bliss, not staring at the sun. (7.06.2004)
"I've been sungazing for a year now and I have gotten many inexplicable benefits, but that wasn't the reason I started in the first place.  To list a few from the top of my head: I've lost 45 lbs, my eyes are
whiter, my teeth are whiter, I sleep less, I sleep better, I eat less (and do not have food cravings any more,)  I am no longer allergic to my cat, in fact, I don't think I'm allergic to anything at all any
more.  Age spots have diminished on my skin.  My skin is darker despite lack of sun exposure. I have greater clarity of thought.  I'm more attractive to members of the opposite sex.  I look 15 years younger.  I have had both my eyes and blood checked.  My eyes are 'strong' and 'very healthy' in the opinion of my ophthalmologist.  I have the blood work and vitals of a "16 yr old athlete" (I'm 40.)  I seem to be more 'intuitive' or 'aware' whatever that means." (12.06.2004)
"I do not have a good access to a place where I can see the sunrise or the sundown, or see the sun within the safe windows.
I had a relatively strong photo phobia until recently. I am near sighted.
Given the above conditions, my first priority was to develop the ability to withstand the sun radiation well outside the "safe" window. I started by scanning the sky by picking two reference points on both sides of the sun (a tree, a light pole, a roof of a house), etc, trying to stop momentarily on the sun disc. While at the beginning  I could barely look at the sun, gradually, I was able to stop on the disc for longer times. As the time increased, since this exercise was taken place in the
afternoon about 5-6 o'clock, I started to see a yellow or red spot around the sun, as a sign of overloading the retina, which I consider a signal to give a break to the eye until the spot would disappear. Next step was to look at the sun for one minute, take a few seconds break and restart this gazing for another minute. This pattern would be practiced for about a half an hour.
To my surprise, the resistance of the eyes at the sun improved and I could dramatically increase in a few days the gazing time up to 60 minutes, without any reddish or yellow spots to show up.
Right now I am gazing for 60 minutes from 4:00 to 5:00 (sundown time in the area at this time of the year is 8:00 pm) While  the eyes and the face are getting pretty hot due to the exposure, and that the neck is a little uncomfortable due to the back tilting position , there are no negative effects I can observe. On the positive side, I think I have a better contrast and better  focus, when I look around, but it is not conclusive." (28.06.2004)
"Something I have learned is: the quality of the sungazing experience is based in the attitude, preparation, and meditative spirit one brings to the Sun. At first it is a physical experience as you strengthen your eyes, retinas, and optic pathways.
However, once the eyes are strengthened, the spiritual nature in which you approach the Sun, becomes more important. . . and is what will bring you the greatest growth and inner development. [...] I also believe that we create that which we allow our minds to dwell upon. If you worry (mind dwells) about headaches...then you are actually assisting in creating them. So as you begin your must no longer 'worry' about them..because the actual 'worring' creates that which you 'fear.' So do your sungazing in the correct attitude...'never, ever' worry (or have bad thoughts) in front of the sun." (28.06.2004)
"I will state that when I began sungazing, I was on natural progesterone and after a couple of near psychotic episodes (in other words, typical PMS ... chuckling ...), I felt a need to go off of it and am doing much better and feel as though the sungazing is gradually balancing out my hormones and I am feeling more stable and grounded this month for sure although I still have a tendency to emotionally react at certain cyclic times, just not nearly to the extent that I have in the past." (09.07.2004)
"I have gone as much as  3 or 4 months without eating ...  so I know this is possible. When I was sungazing 3 to 4 hours every day in Arabia ... I lost 60 pounds over a one year period ... down to the weight I was when I was 21 ... there was little or no desire to eat... all energy needs can be met with Sunlight ... and for the most part I have been able to maintain that weight until now at age 58." (15.07.2004)
"I have been sungazing since Feb. and now doing 15-20min sessions. For the last two years, I have been experiencing "chronic fatigue" like symptoms, which worsened soon after my first weeks of SG practice. [...] My view is changing and things that irritated me are losing the power to effect my mood. I expect more of these positive changes to take effect and after
having a bad tooth  surgically removed recently, I am feeling a huge flow of energy and courage as my fears slip away." (17.07.2004)
"As a testimonial from someone who has very light skin (and has had skin cancer twice previously) I can say that SG has made my skin much less sensitive.  I don't tan or burn as easily.  In fact, I don't burn easily at all.  Before I could count on a burn within 15 minutes, now I do all day excursions without sunblock and get just a little tan." (20.07.2004)
"I started SG about a year ago, and after a couple months my sleep patern dramatically improved.  No more naps needed or
my every-other-week 'crash' was needed either.  I now sleep less <6 hrs and sleep a lot better." (24.07.2004)
"By the time I was able to sungaze for hours at a time, more than two years had lapsed.  At the time I started, there was
little to no information on SG ( 1988-89) so I had to work it out and determine my own limits. My progression was considerably more rapid than HRM's program. But a few times I scared myself.  Some times I over did it and would have blind spots in my vision for a few days, this scared me, but they always cleared up, and my eyes came back stronger. 
I just found that my appetite for food just naturally declined. When I would get up in the morning I didn't feel like eating so I skipped breakfast, and instead of eating at lunch I would sungaze for that hour, so I progressed to eating only one meal a day in the evening. Then as the SG increased, all appetite diminished and I discovered I could go several days without eating...
 then I noticed the number of days between eating could be increased...until one day I realized I hadn't eaten in a month.
I had been sungazing in Saudi Arabia 3 times daily (Dawn, Meridian, and Sunset) anywhere between 20 minutes to
one hour at each of those times. For the Dawn hour, I would usually stand only, with palms up (until my arms got tired).  At noon, I would take a chair to the desert behind my office and start standing and sometimes standing.  At Sunset at the Red Sea, I would stand or sit on a large beach rock.
I developed a close and personal relationship with the Sun. The Sun became my friend and companion. In my transmissions to the Sun, I called them 'talks' not necessarily a prayer, or a meditation, I like to keep it simple.
Much of the time is spent with a clear mind...but listening to the messages and information which is being transmitted directly into you.  I learned to Listen...and lots of good stuff comes...
After sungazing for an hour, in noontime sun, the optic chiasma and optic pathways are so energized that when I did (do) close my eyes, even in a dark room, I would (do) see bright white inside my head, not red or darkness for an hour or so afterwards; and in such a state, there is little desire to sleep.
After building up tolerance to multiple-hour SGing, I found that I slept much better, went to sleep quicker, and rarely dream...or at least I do not remember them
During the times of multiple-hour sungazing, I would usually need far less sleep for a few days; however, there would be days when I would need to crash, having great lethargy. I would try to take one full lazy-day about every 10 days.
Long SGing periods in very bright sunlight causes my nose to run and tends to expand and clear the sinuses. . . I found it will clear a cold after one session. And I also discovered that I never get colds anymore
I found that a regular routine of SGing an hour morning, noon, and evening, over a period of about a month, causes my mind and body to crave the light when I miss a session. And then when i go out into the light. . . it's as if my mind and body is saying...." sustenance." (27.07.2004)  
"I noticed today that when I looked up at the sun (abt 2 hours before sunset) it was much easier to tolerate the sun when one eye was covered with my palm.  I felt totally relaxed.  Then I switched eyes and experienced the same thing with the other eye." (8.08.2004)
"I am a diabetic (Type 2, non insulin dependent) who has been sungazing for several months now with all the expected results except recent persistent low blood sugar readings.
For the last week, I have been getting very low morning blood sugar readings in the range of 3.6 to 4.1, which is very unusual for me. I am getting up with the trembly feelings associated with hypoglycemia and have to hurriedly eat something sweet to balance my blood sugar.
Even after eating, I've noticed the readings are low, recently as low as 4 three hours after eating instead of the normal 8 or 9. I am waking up in the night with signs of low blood sugar and have to eat something sweet to get the system back to normal.
I don't know if this is related to my sungazing or is something else.
At the moment I am just over 26 minutes of sungazing. My appetite has declined steadily over the last month or so and is now about 20 percent of what it used to be. I am eating less than half of what I did before and for some weeks now have not felt hungry at all. I eat because I feel that my body requires food, and because of the danger of low blood sugar, but not really because I feel hunger. If I eat what used to be the normal amount for me before, I feel overfull and sometimes get a stomach ache.
There is another effect I have noticed, and It's sure this is because of the sungazing. If I miss a meal for two or three hours, I no longer get the usual reaction of diabetics which is feeling slightly faint and trembly and then going on an eating rampage. I can go past my meal time for two or three hours without a problem." (10.08.2004)
"I stopped my diabetes medication entirely two days ago (Wednesday) and found no special problems for about 36 hours. On Thursday morning my fasting blood sugar was 5.9, which was reasonably good. By Thursday evening, however, I could feel the effects of  diabetes coming back. I resumed medication at half the normal strength on Thursday evening  and this morning ( Friday) my blood sugar reading was 4.4, still on the low side but acceptable. My body feels normal again, and I will continue this way for some time.
 It seems quite clear that my body has started the process of healing itself because of the sungazing. My  pancreas appears to be functioning better at its job of  regulating blood sugar, but is not completely rejuvenated yet. It still needs some (reduced) help from the diabetes medication." (13.08.2004)
"I went out last weekend, and tried sungazing for the first time at sunrise. I was only able to do about 10 seconds at a time, and then my eyes would begin to water, I'd have to cover/rub them for a minute, and then I'd do another 10 seconds. I repeated this for about 10 minutes, and called it a day.
I started a fast Sunday evening, and this morning (Thr.) at sunrise (exact same time, place, and sky conditions: no clouds), I was able to sungaze steadily for 14 minutes without any discomfort whatsoever. No negative side-effects (no spots, etc.), and I've been full of energy all day." (12.08.2004)
"I am finding that on a empty stomach I can sungaze a long time with no discomfort. Yesterday I ate out at  a chinese resturant and tried sun gazing right ater I ate  and I was having a terrible time keeping my eyes open during sungazing." (14.08.2004)
"Last evening I sun gazed for 3m30s. As I watched the sun I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I observed a pink halo develop around the sun. I looked away and blinked and looked back and saw it again. It kept growing and growing. Then the sun turned a brighter white (more white than yellow) and the center started to turn light blue. I felt as if I could gaze
forever. My eyes do sometimes tear and I blink them away. I needed to check my timer because of the feeling of gazing forever - I thought I missed the timer sounding. This is beyond words." (15.08.2004)
"Today my mother ( 70 years old) sungazed and she was very excited because she saw many colored waves, like rivers,
coming from the sun. She said: it took me 70 years to know the sun!" (17.08.2004)
"I am currently at 28 minutes of Sungazing following the guidelines of the HRM protocol.  I am a Reiki master and have been initiated into Sahaja yoga.  I can get pretty deep into meditation and slow my breathing to 4 breaths a minute.  I can talk in tounges.  I can pick out clouds in the sky and dissolve them by focusing on them.  I have been a martial artist since I was
15 years old and am now 34.  All of this does not come close to the benefits I have receive so far from sungazing.  It carries through to all aspects of my life.  It allows me to maintain the inner calm and peace inside I have always been seeking.
About 14 years ago I was kicked in the groin, which cause one of my testicals to swell up about the size of a lemon during kung fu training.  I went to the hospital and was checked for cancer which turned out negative.  I had what they call a contusion.  The swelling went down but for the rest of my life until maybe last month ( I am currently 34 ) I have been extremely sensitive there to the touch and easy to hurt. Having a 1.5 year old child I get hit or stepped on often.  I have noticed recently that I am no longer sensitive there and now I rarely get hurt if hit in the groin area.  This may seem like a little thing but it has been on going for 14 years and is just one more confirmation that sungazing is very much what it claims to be." (26.08.2004)
"I have been into martial arts since age 19, I am now 36, and started meditating with the martial arts training at that time.  I now meditate a little over an hour a day in addition to the sungazing.  I have received many benefits from meditation, some of which people list as benefits to sg.  I think both are in some way similar or interrelated, but the benefits come much quicker with SG. Sungazing quickly puts me into a meditative state." (26.08.2004)
"I want to share my experiences so far and address a particular concern I have about  experiencing a spot in the middle of my vision for a good portion of the day after sun gazing. I was very concerned that I would ruin my vision when I started out and experienced this. On one particular occasion, after there had been a couple of overcast days where I didn't have much luck gathering any solar radiance, I gazed at the sun when it came out again and used an extended time as if I had
been adding 10 seconds each day since I started. The result was that I had a large spot in the center f my vision that lasted more that 24 hours. I consequently got very concerned. I decided to take a few days off. This was all that was necessary for the spot to go away. I was back gazing shortly thereafter. Even though I'm up to a minute of constant gazing now, that problem has not returned, i.e. the spot afterwards isn't very big and does not last that long. It would be nice if there was no spot at all.
I am however, blonde, fair skinned, blue eyed and I think this or other factors in my physiology make me very sensitive to strong exposure to sunlight. I find it very hard to do any amount of gazing without closing my eyes to take a small break. Even so, my eyes water a lot during the process. So what I do is open them for about 5 seconds, close them briefly and then open again for another five seconds or so, until I have reached my current exposure time."  (4.09.2004)
"After SG for a year or so (actually earlier) I found that I didn't like the alcohol as I used to.  I would occasionally enjoy a glass of dark microbrew or red wine, but now intuitively it seems that the chemistry from alcohol is incompatible with the sun energies." (4.09.2004)
"I am an "anarchic" sungazer gazing without a clock and whenever weather permits, I am very eager to overcome emotional challenges, particularly fear...
Today as I did my usual asking for healing on all levels and thanking for it, I added (and it might have been the first time I did this), "please allow me to communicate with you clearly so that I can hear etc. you"... and I immediately "heard" in my head "in reply": "Geliebtes Kind" (Beloved child) to which I spontaneously replied "don't make me cry" (which I proceeded to do ;-) though in a subdued fashion since I was in public.
I kind of realized at that moment that at the basis of my emotional problems may be the simple emotion of feeling unloved..." (9.09.2004)
"I've noticed that my emotions have settled dramatically. I used to be a constant rollercoaster ride of emotion, was highly
insecure and needy at certain times, and during the beginning stages of sungazing I had an emotional episode that came out of nowhere. I thought I was going psychotic and I also scared the begeezus out two very close friends who were trying to calm me down and had never seen me like that at all. I was doing some natural progesterone at the time, had been doing it for some months with no problem, but after that episode I cut it out completely and haven't needed it since when I was quite dependent on it before. I wonder if I didn't get rid of some long buried emotional toxicity because it was intense. I've hardly had a problem since.
I was at just over 6 minutes when I had my emotional episode from hell. I tend to agree that the mental issues do make a lot of progress within the first 15 minutes of sungazing, in my experience, and I have followed the HRM method of sungazing within the first hour of sunrise and starting at 10 seconds and moving gradually forward 10 seconds at a time. I could tell a difference even past the 12 minute mark that my emotions were so much more settled." (14.09.2004)
"I had photophobia and I was completely cured from it in the first 20 days of SG. (Serious photophobia, I was never going out without black sun glasses, and it was so bad that even I had to reduce the contrast and brightness of my PC screen, as I couldn't stand the light at all).
Of course the first days my eyes were watering and flicker all the time, and it was difficult even for a whole second to see the Sun, but, I insist and then I had a daily progress till the problem was gone.
The first days, I had to sit down as it was difficult to me to stand due to a spine problem (I had 2 operations in my spine, because of Scoliosis and I was feeling pain if I was standing more than 10 seconds), I couldn't believe that after about 30 days I could stand with no pain and do after that day the SG normally from the standing position and barefoot of course.
After, as I got getting energised by the Sun day by day, I didn't need to eat so much as before so I lost 5 kilos fast and easy without starving, I just needed less food and feel no hunger. This happened the first 1 and half month about. I am 1.80cm, and now I am 70 kilos (I was 75 kilos) which now is normal, and I didn't lost more kilos since then. I know that you say that the weight loss happen after 6 months of SG, but with me it happen in that way, it seems for each individual is different. I still eat when I am hungry, I don't press myself to eat when I `m not hungry, I let it happen by itself as I continue with SG.
Later, at about 2 months I noticed that I need less sleep, I used to sleep about 10 hours per night, and even that was not enough for me, so, now I am sleeping about 7-8 hours and feel just fine, (I didn't press myself to do that, it just happened by itself as I was doing the SG every day).
My mood is in much better condition now, I can woke up with a smile in my face, and that was not the case in the past." (20.09.2004)
"I have been depressed a few times in my life and resorted twice to taking prozac. I can say without a doubt that the Sun is for me, better than prozac by far. I feel it gives me a mental stability. One day I was so frustrated by things in my life ( twice it happened this way but once recently) when I started to gaze I just started to cry and I gazed at the sun like that with tears rolling down my cheeks intermittently for the first half of the time ( about45 min thatday), and at the end, I felt renewed.
So it goes for me in Albuquerque, New Mexico" (7.01.2005)
"I have been taking medicine for my migraine pain for couple of months. I was suffering from migraine for last 3 years. It used to cripple my productivity. However, after started Sungazing it has disappeared" (21.01.2005)
"I am a sun-gazer and I am up to 13 minutes. I feel bliss a few hours after I sun-gaze. I heard Hira Manek
talk and I was very interested. I had bliss the first week. I find sun gazing and sand walking very helpful. My second week I broke my leg and that was depressing but the last few weeks I am feeling bliss again. I had to stop sand walking
since I can not walk till by leg heals up maybe in Jan, I am looking forward to sun-gazing up to 44 minutes and I am looking forward to not eating food to be at a higher spiritual states. I have had chronic fatigue syndrome since 1989 and sun gazing
has helped my energy. I also had bad depression for the last few years. I am not depressed. I had very sensitive eyes. Now my eyes are much better. My first minute was very difficult. I would get bad eye strain. I don't have eye strain any more.
I do get toxic sometimes from sun-gazing. My heart beats heavy and I get headaches. I am very thankful for learning about sun-gazing." (16.09.2005)
"I am at 14 and a half minutes of sun gazing. I am amazed how good I feel. I didn't know it was possible to feel so good. I don't every remember feeling good. I suppose as a child I felt good. When people would say to me how are you I would think to myself terrible of course. I would think how can anyone feel good with all the problems we have. The good good feeling is coming from my head. It was been continuing for a days in a row now and I hope it continues.
I can just sit in a chair and do nothing and be content. Now I understand the meaning of getting your good from inside.
I am a person with a number of physical problem. I realize now it is the metal state that makes a person feel good or not.
My eyes are also better. My eyes were so sensitive I didn't think I could sun gaze. They were sensitive in the sense I would get eye strain easy. With in a few weeks of sun gazing I could sun gaze without straining my eyes."(21.09.2005)
"I started for 45 days of SG in Iran in Persian Gulf and I am feeling on top. My specs went away after 30 days and my energy level is very effective to me now."(27.09.2005)
"I have been gazing for about 3 months now and have had some profound results. These results have to do with a very important sentence that Manek put in his process page. He talks about believing in the process."(27.09.2005)
"I am up to 26 minutes. I am doing very well with the sun-gazing.
Before I sun-gazed I had depression for 4 years very bad for the last year. I was diagnosed with serious depression. I tried medication but can not handle it. Sun-gazing worked for me to get rid of my depression. It took me up to 20 minutes.
I am not only not depressed but I would say I feel better mood than most people. My senses are heighten. It is like I am living a new life. I do have to sun-gaze on cloudy days or I get my depression back."(23.12.2005)

"I am absolutely over flowing with physical energy...more than I can use in a day even though I live such a physical life. So do not let anyone try to persuade you that sungazing doesn't do wonderful things. One thing I would say is that it is a matter of belief, trust and acceptance... a certain 'knowing'... a spiritual realisation that one is being led on a journey by a greater power." (12.04.2006)
"I have been sungazing with the HRM method for about a year. I'm at 33 minutes and I have experienced a decrease of appetite. As a result I do sleep less and I don't wake up groggy or tired in the morning. Ever since I was 7 years old, I always used to wake up tired, so that is a great benefit to me.
I'v been a vegetarian for 18 years and mostly raw for the past 3 years."
"I'm practicing with my husband, and both of us experienced within the first 10 minutes the elimination of anger (we both had what we thought were serious anger
At 15 minutes, I began to experience an INTENSE releasing of toxins/disease through my skin, where my entire body up to my chin became covered in red itchy welts that first appeared like chickenpox, then large ovals in the shapes of lesions. Using neem and coconut oil, most of it has since cleared and is now only on my extremities.
At this point (21 minutes) I now am completely rested with 6 hours of sleep a night (a few months ago I required 8.5-9 hours a night to feel rested, I like sleep). I also don't eat lunch, actually not eating for 10-11 hours out of the day - just a small grain breakfast with fruit at about 8am, then a full dinner after 7pm. This is remarkable, since prior to sungazing, I could not go more than 4 hours without eating, for suffering from low blood sugar and the shakes (I used to have a delicate nervous system, but that is also changing quite rapidly).
My husband is not experiencing the same symptoms as me right now, nor is the man who introduced us to this practice."

Quotes from the answers of Hira Ratan Manek: 

"I am also follower of Aurobindo and I was hinted at the powers of the sun by mother far back in 1962." (27.11.2003)
"I was an vegetarian right from birth and I never stopped eating because  hunger slowly disappeared and so also the food. So non eating stage happened in me because of sungazing"
"By sungazing hunger disappears for ever. Even now I am open only to tea coffee buttermilk only for social and hospitality purposes and I have no hunger and I take no food other than those 3 liquids for the reasons stated."
"Even today if I go strictly on water fast from third day my sugar level will be 43 but no adverse effect and I will be energetic always."
"It is the power of mother earth that helps us in sungazing."
"Slow and steady gazing in safe times helps in activating the circuit inside brain and all important glands" 
"Sunlight on closed eyes also helps to correct the [vision] defects."
"Reflections from water during low intensity [sunlight & sunset] are good but other times slightly harmful. But reflections from snow and salt or sea water are to be avoided as it is proved from past experiences."
"Sungazing leads one to higher levels a devil becomes divine so don't worry and sun will take care of you. Have faith and do sungazing as suggested and success is yours."
"It is the faith that matters with SG. The more deeper you love the sun the better and quicker the results."
"If mind accepts body adapts. Very little mind is in the body but the whole body is in the mind."